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Unorthodox food pairing.

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Carrots and peanut butter? Cut the carrot in half and spread peanut butter on each slice. Quite tasty and fairly healthy, depending on how much peanut butter you use.

I discovered it on the internet – I expect this to be the case for most responses.

I have nothing more to add on this topic…


What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?

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Food. There’s something disturbing about the idea of foodstuff produced primarily through the intervention of machinery.

But that’s naive – and to a large extent. The automation of the production of foodstuffs has had incredible benefits for us. As with much ‘technology’ or whatever blanket term you wish to use to refer to that which is responsible for the production of food without human intervention (read: “traditional, handmade”), what’s problematic is the use made of it. Parties financially interested in such production have a powerful incentive to make as much food as possible (so long as there’s demand), but have little incentive to make sure the means of production meet more than likely very weak regulatory standards (‘no, there are no poisonous ingredients in this product’).

The question of how food is to be produced has an ethical dimension that too often gets missed. It is not just a question for economists.


This year is turning out as expected.

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Question we’re asked is: is this year turning out as expected?

Yes, but that ain’t no great thang – at least not necessarily.

Any answer to this question is likely to be depressing if you’re the type who lacks motivation but not ambition. I say likely because very rarely do people take their own expectations seriously.

Then I suppose we’re meant to realise that we should bring those two things in line. That is, we should be sufficiently motivated to fulfil our ambitions. That’s the reasonable response to the painful fact that we’re weak-willed. 

I can recognise all of this – and still fail to be moved to action.

Here’s a first attempt at a blog post, and it’s poor.